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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Buenos Dias my Sunday friends! I created a swanky little playlist for you all this week, what makes it so special you ask?... Well I whipped it up in kind of a love sick mood (missing my lover man, why does England have to be SO far darnit?). 

Some songs sing of relationships and missing someone either in present or past, and the others well.... I just thought they were sexy and sexy is good right? Right!

It's killer! So if your still in bed press play and give your lover a smooch or 2 or 50!      

Here's what your canoodling to:

1.  Eyes Be Closed | Washed Out 
2.  Drifter | Wild Nothing
3.  Alligator (Toro Y Mori Mix) - Tegan & Sara
4.  This Tornado Loves You | Neko Case 
5.  Apartment | Young the Giant
6.   Kennedy | Ratatat
7.  O.N.E | Yeasayer
8.  Post Physical | Pictureplane
9.  Love Like A Sunset II | Pheonix
10. Reunion | The XX


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