Welcome to Ditty Drops Blog, I'm Meredith Schwab owner and designer. Ditty Drops Design was formed in 2011 with the vision of bringing my passion for design, fine art, and fashion into the everyday lives of people throughout the world. The Ditty Drops jewelry collections are wearable pieces of art, some are bold statement pieces, others subtle everyday pieces, but each design strives to welcome art into the everyday realm, unintimidatingly and beautifully.

The inspiration for Ditty Drops was the direct result of two amazing fateful moments in my life, one being an impulsive move to Berlin, Germany in the Fall of 2010, and the second being the chance meeting of the love of my life in a hostel my first week in Berlin. I gave three months to Berlin, painting and drawing frantically, sneaking some graffiti (when in Rome), hanging out in lots of pop up cafes and bars, shopping some amazing thrift.... some AMAZING thrift, and all the while missing Tom.

Back in New York, I continued with the body of work I had started in Berlin (you can see some of that work here: www.meredithkschwab.com) but I needed a 'real job'. I began working for a fashion designer, having a spattering of responsibilities mostly heading up his brands social networking. This extraordinary opportunity gave me an alternative view to living creatively that I could never have gotten in the fine art world, I was inspired. My thoughts swam back to the geometric perspex jewelry in Berlin that was inspiring my current paintings and drawings... why couldn't I make jewelry? Well the answer was... I could.

I was to start an online business, one that would allow me to continue to create and thrive artistically, and would also allow me to be free to travel the world. Through Etsy I am able to have all my loves in my life, Tom, Art, and traveling.

At the moment I am in New York running Ditty Drops, participating in markets and fairs regularly. Tom and I are traveling to Italy in August for two weeks, Rome and Sardinia (ro-man-tic!), and I am hoping to have an extended stay of a month or so in Amsterdam before returning to England in the Fall.

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